And now, the fine print...

All information on this site and custom-made graphics/code is the property of Leslie Lambert, 2009-2015.  Any copying, editing, or mishandling of these graphics/code is strictly prohibited.  If you would like to use information/graphics from this site, express permission must be granted from Leslie Lambert via email (

All blog designs are given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once payment is made and any questions are answered, you will be added to my wait list.  Customers will be given an estimated time of service, but this time could change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  In the event that your time of service will be changed, I will contact you via email.

If you decide to cancel your blog design after payment has been made, you will be subject to a $20 cancellation fee.  As long as I have not started your design, any payment you have submitted over the $20 fee will be refunded.  If I have started the design, you will be charged for the portion of the design I have completed.  Don't worry, you'll get what you pay for - any graphics completed will be sent to you, and installed upon request.

When it is your turn on the wait list, you will be contacted via email with a proof of your custom header.  Each customer is allowed three edits of this header.  Any additional edits could be subject to additional charges.  Once the header is approved, the remainder of the design will be created based off of your approval of the header.  

Everything in the blog design will be based off of this header, so please be sure when approving that you raise any concerns about fonts/elements (as these will be used in your other graphic elements).  Any changes requested later because of problems with fonts/elements in the rest of the design will be subject to additional charges.

If you are contacted with your custom header, and you do not respond within 2 weeks, you will be taken off of the wait list, and will lose any payments made.  You may reinstate your blog design by paying a $10 late fee.  I will send several emails before you are taken off of the wait list though, so please check email/spam folders often (especially around the time you expect the header!).

Any use of copyrighted materials (pictures made by a professional photographer, graphics taken from the internet, etc.) without obtaining some sort of license is strictly prohibited.  If you have pictures obtained from a photographer you would like to use, but are unsure of whether or not you have copyrights to them, please contact the photographer before sending them to me for use in your blog.  If you would like a graphic of a particular animal/cartoon in your blog, a great resource is  Here, I can purchase high-quality graphics with copyright licenses.

Per the rules of most kit designers and my personal design terms, all blogs designed by me must have a credit to me (linking to my site) and to the kit designer, if applicable (linking to his/her site).  I typically install a button linking to my design site.  However, simple text links may be installed upon request. 

Every effort has been made to ensure my licenses for graphics/fonts are up to date.  If you are a font/graphic designer that feels your work has mistakingly been used outside of the scope of my license, please contact me at, and I will make every effort to ensure I follow your terms.

Thanks for reading, and for considering me for your blog design!  I truly do appreciate even consideration, as I know these blogs often capture priceless life moments.  I look forward to working with you!